Jess: Patient Coordinator Guru

Jess is always smiling. She carries out an array of tasks including scheduling, financial functions, as well as heading up all social media accounts and marketing for the practice. Jess has over 7 years experience working with patients and you would think all her charm and patience comes from southern hospitality, but she grew up right here in York! She enjoys spending time and with her husband Jesse, her dog Coco, and among long time friends in the mountains of Milroy PA.

April: Master of Finances

April is our new insurance coordinator and finance specialist. She has over 16 years of experience in orthodontic insurance and billing. If you have insurance coverage, April will find it! We are excited to have her on our team! April enjoys spending time with her husband Albert, and her son Tadd. She also loves going to the beach, cooking, cheering on the Orioles (as painful as that is now) and especially the Ravens!

Casey: Orthodontic Ninja

Casey has a wealth of experience in orthodontic assisting and has a degree in Expanded Function Dental Assisting from YTI! She is licensed to use a handpiece (drill) like Dr. Olson, and can make any appointment feel like a breeze. She has worked with Dr. Olson for over 7 years, and has defended the Steelers over the Ravens the entire time! Casey enjoys, tacos, cats, the Steelers (of course), and her German Shepard doggies Vader and Zeus!

Devon: Orthodontic Samurai

Devon is the newest addition to our clinical team. Devon is dedicated to making your orthodontic adjustment fun and comfortable. She has many years of experience in orthodontics as well as working in a hospital setting as a CNA. Devon enjoys a challenge and brings her “spark” to the clinic everyday! Outside of the clinic, Devon enjoys spending time with her dog Kato, hanging with her parents on the boat, baking cupcakes, and doing makeup for weddings!

Cindy: Orthodontic Mama Bear

Cindy works in the clinic and she is dedicated to making your treatment smooth and comfortable. Aside from adjustment appointments, Cindy enjoys fitting appliances and taking impressions! When a retainer or an appliance fits like a glove, thank Cindy for an accurate impression! Cindy has been with the practice over 30 years and she enjoys spending time with her 4 grandkids, as well as watching the bears from her cabin in Potter County!

Linda: Head Laboratory Wizard

  Linda works in both the lab as well as the front desk. Utilizing her experience of 25 years, Linda makes virtually all of our retainers, expanders, and other appliances. If you have a broken appliance, Linda can handle it. She also handles ordering of materials and keeps our office flowing smoothly. Outside of the office, Linda enjoys crafts, as well as spending time with her family!

Your experience will be second to none with the efforts put forth by our excellent team. They are dedicated to you, and they are dedicated to their profession by keeping current with new techniques, and recent advances in the field of orthodontics.

You will truly enjoy our team!