Emergencies may occur while undergoing orthodontic treatment.  A true emergency will require the assistance of the doctor.   If you are experiencing severe pain or bleeding, call our office for assistance.  We will help you as soon as possible.

Broken Bracket

A broken bracket may not constitute an emergency, but we do prefer you call our office at 717-755-1233 to update us with these infrequent occurrences.  If you experience a broken bracket, try the following.  Place a small piece of wax (provided in your startup kit)  over the loose bracket.  The size of the wax should be the size of a pencil eraser.  This will provide comfort to the lip if irritation has occurred.  Call the office to schedule the next available appointment.

If you experience a loose band, do not chew on that side.  Call the office to schedule the next available appointment to re-cement the band.  If the band is loose enough to be removed, you may remove it, but do not discard the band.  It can be re-cemented during your next visit to the office.

Loose / Broken Wires

A loose wire may occur if hard foods are chewed and the wire “pops out” of the rear-most brace.  In this case, wax may not stay in place.  If irritation is occurring, you may try to clip the wire using a fine wire cutter, or possibly a cuticle cutter as the tip is angled for easier access to reach to the back of the mouth.  You should call the office to schedule the next available appointment if you have clipped a poking wire.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding may occur if the gums are not getting cleaned effectively.  Effective cleaning includes not only brushing, but flossing as well!  If the gums bleed during brushing, this is not an emergency, but more effort must be made in improving hygiene in order to eliminate the bleeding.  Don’t forget to FLOSS!