Something New. . . . . . . . . . . Awesome.......... Game Changing is now part of Olson Orthodontics!

Our office continues to grow with new patients, and we are excited to offer the latest technology on top of excellent patient care.  Our latest venture revolutionizes how we offer services to our patients.  It streamlines treatment, and speeds up services that currently takes weeks.   We would like to introduce. . .. 

SprintRay Pro 3D Printing!

We are SUPER excited about the new SprintRay Pro 3D Printer we have now integrated into our office! This printer allows us to print models of your teeth. We use these models to make retainers, OR  to make aligners to straighten teeth! 

  • Ability to re-create lost retainers, without having to take a new impression of the teeth.  
  • Ability to treat patients with braces AND aligners
  • Ability to remove braces, and finish detailed treatment with aligners.
  • Ability to make OUR OWN ALIGNERS! 

 This technology, along with the advent of new orthodontic software called uLab, will allow US to generate treatment models for patients who want to treat in clear aligners.  Our aligners will be a custom made product made right here in York, Pennsylvania, USA under the guidance of Dr. Olson !  As this technology is new to OUR office, we are excited to offer our patients a new, more efficient and effective method of clear aligner tooth movement with Olson Orthodontic Aligners .